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As far as our editorial focus goes, we appreciate cleanly written, character-driven stories but are very open to experimental work. Like other editors, we are looking for originality of perception and facility with language. Linguistic pyrotechnics and verbal exuberance are particularly welcome with us (we have a high tolerance for cerebral cleverness and showiness). We seek to be a sanctuary for all artifice and illusion, a home for those who follow their bliss and take “play” seriously. “Makers” of all suits and sizes are beloved by us. We love the muscular, significant, and politically aware. But the slight, introspective, psychological, ornate, improbable, overblown, coincidental, programmatic, perfect, and symmetrical may have a place with us, too. 

For both the print and online venues, we acquire first North American serial rights. No previously published work will be considered. In a cover letter with your submission, please provide an overview of your previous publications (if any). There is no word limit for fiction or poetry, though we will probably not accept anything over 5,000 words. Our acceptance rate is around 1%, so please send us your best work only.


Note: We have recently changed our editorial focus. Though we will read anything that comes our way, we are very partial to humor, poetry, prose poetry, flash fiction, micro-fiction, and hybrid forms. 

A perfectly healthy sentence, it is true, is extremely rare. For the most part we miss the hue and fragrance of the thought; as if we could be satisfied with the dews of the morning or evening without their colors, or the heavens without their azure. - Henry David Thoreau


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